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Greg Malouf I’ve just heard from Greg Malouf‘s publishers – Hardie Grant Publishing – that his new book finally has a preliminary title.

It is apparently going to be called Saha – Food and Travels Through Lebanon and Syria. From talking to him at Savour New Zealand, it looks like this will be well worth a look.

I’m not sure if it will be published at the Irish side of the world – I don’t think that his earlier books Arabesque and Moorish are available in Europe – but I’ll see what I can find out from the publisher.

Any of you that look at Bibliocook regularly will know that Moorish has become one of my most used cookbooks in recent times. I am really looking forward to reading – and cooking – more of Greg’s recipes.

Further update: 7 July 2005
Hardie Grant Publishing sent me this press release earlier in the week.

Written by Greg and Lucy Malouf

Description: In Saha, Greg Malouf returns to the land of his ancestors to explore its broad and influential cuisine. Stretching from neighbouring Persia throughout the Mediterranean to North Africa, the roots of Greg’s culinary history are here in the land of his forbears, and together with writing partner Lucy Malouf and photographer Matt Harvey, he embarks on a month-long culinary journey.

The cuisine in Saha is traditional and inspirational; enticingly spiced and fragrant with flower waters. From hearty peasant dishes to more subtly spiced specialties from ancient palaces, the dishes are complex in flavour yet not overly complicated to make at home.

Heartwarming stories and recipes from the people Greg and Lucy meet on their journey are teamed with evocative images and Greg’s own unique take on this history-rich and exciting cuisine, capturing the spirit of the modern and the ancient; the characters, dishes, flavours and colours that make up Lebanon and Syria in this highly illustrated and lavishly designed volume.



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    Hi Caroline!I absolutely love your site…can’t wait for the next nugget of food info.What are HTML tags? Do they hurt?Best wishes,Marie.

  2. Caroline says:

    Marie: Great to get such positive feedback! I’ve sent you a mail – and I think you’ll survive the HTML tags!

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    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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