Yoga – and Pumpkin Pie

Govinda’s in Dublin – a vegetarian restaurant run by the Hare Krishnas – has a great reputation and was one of those places that I always intended to go for dinner. Somehow I never managed to make it there but, when I was searching for a yoga class in Christchurch lately, I discovered that they run them in the Christchurch branch of Govinda’s. not only that but, for $15 you get an hour’s yoga plus your dinner. How could such an offer be turned down? Last week I tried the class and I think I’ll be returning every week for the food, as well as for the yoga. After working hard for an hour, the delicious meal is truly well deserved.

Over the last two weeks we have been served a dal-type soup with mustard seeds and then a plate of rice, curry, fritters, chutney and salad. All vegetarian, of course, but – more importantly! – tasty and filling as well. But the real highlights have been the deserts. Last week we got a glorious Apple Crumble which I, the crumble connoisseur, could not fault and this week an amazing Pumpkin Pie appeared. The lads at my table were very pleased to see it coming out, telling me that it’s apparently the best Pumpkin Pie in all of Christchurch.

Pumpkin Soup is no longer a novelty to me but this pie was a surprise – I had only heard of Pumpkin Pie for American Thanksgiving. Curious, I tasted it and it wasn’t long before that special little slice disappeared. It was an open pie, with a smooth, velvety, cinnamon-scented filling. The texture was more akin to a mouse than a pie but no delicious for that. Well worth stretching for!



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