A wet day at the farmers’ market

Even though yesterday was a miserable day in Lyttelton, it looked like the farmers’ market was successful. The Boyfriend, his sister and I made our way out there around 11am and the Supervalue Carpark was pretty busy by that stage, with a few of the suppliers already running out of supplies. We wandered around for a while, tasting Ground Foods delicious dips and observing the huge queue at the Tuahiwi Organic Produce stall but the cold wet day ensured that we had little inclination for dawdling. We did manage to pick up a few things, however, before we legged it to the warmth of a local café.

12 – eggs from Annie’s Free-Range Eggs.
9 – beautiful handmade chocolates, three of each Baileys, peppermint and Cointreau/orange, from a woman called Victoria who had the biggest and most desirable-looking chocolate and carrot cakes on her stall as well. Perhaps next week…
2 – small punnets of mustard and rocket seedlings for planting in the garden.
1 – pot of mizuna salad leaves for the same purpose.
1 – bottle of Brayburn apple juice from Annabel of Camla Farm who assured me that she will be there next week with real cider.
1 – bag of wild walnuts. All we need now is a nutcracker!


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2 Responses

  1. plum says:

    All I can say is rush out and buy that nutcracker as fast as you can! Otherwise you may end up like me, with a bag of freshly picked walnuts from the farmers market, sitting on the bench top for 2 months and eventually being given away, uncracked.I hunted for a nutcracker that I really really liked. You know what? I should have just bought the $2 job from the supermarket!!

  2. Caroline says:

    That’s a good idea, Plum. I’ve the walnuts sitting in a wooden bowl on the bench at the moment, next to the fruit, and they’re looking at me reproachfully every time I grab an apple or a tamarillo. I’ve been looking out for a second-hand nutcracker in our local charity shop recently – and even held out on buying the nuts for ages – but you’re right. It’s time to go to the supermarket and buy something cheap and usable. I’m looking forward to freshly cracked walnuts!

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