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Eat Feed When I recently received an email from Mia at Eat Feed telling me about their weekly foodie podcasts I was delighted. Having spent years involved with Cork Campus Radio, I love listening to radio, especially when I’m working from home, and RTÉ Radio 1 is the station I most miss while here in New Zealand. Although familiar with the whole idea of internet radio, being a regular listener to Seattle music station KEXP, this was my first introduction to the Eat Feed show which is presented from Chicago by Anne Bramley.

The first show I downloaded and listened to was their most recent broadcast, Revolutionary Taste. The opening interview, with Sheri Brooks Vinton, co-author of The Real Food Revival, really caught my attention especially after my recent involvement with the Eat Local Challenge. In her interview Brooks Vinton talked about how important it is for consumers to become aware of the food that they’re eating, where it comes from, and how it is processed. I was also interested to hear about how to make good shopping choices even if you only have access to a supermarket and her recipe for making your own (non-alcoholic) ginger beer sounded like it was worth a try! That show also had an interview with food historian Jan Longone and Mark Prince of the Coffee Geek website talking about home espresso machines.

It wasn’t long before I moved on to their Patrick’s Day broadcast, Feeding the Celtic Tiger. As I write now I’m listening to Darina Allen waxing lyrical about the Ballymaloe Cookery School and food in Ireland and looking forward to hearing Giana Ferguson on her famous Gubbeen Cheese from West Cork. It looks like Eat Feed has acquired another fan – thanks Mia!


Talking about Darina Allen, while looking for more information on Camla Farm apple cider recently, I came across this link to an interesting piece that she wrote on the food that she encountered on a recent trip to New Zealand. She has some great recipes on the page and now I have an idea, other than soup, for using the pumpkin that has been sitting on the top of my fridge for the last few weeks.



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