23/5 Meme

A couple of days ago I got tagged for the 23/5 Meme by my favourite Melbourne Plum. Unlike the last meme I was involved with, it is not a difficult one – you just have to go digging around the archives, find your 23rd post and ponder on the meaning of the 5th line. Hmm…

Finding my 23rd post wasn’t too difficult. I had just discovered this wonderful New Zealand fruit and was pretty eager to tell people all about it in Feijoa Frenzy. My 5th line? “The hallmark of the feijoa, apparently, which has its own unique taste.” Well, it doesn’t do so good as a standalone line – you’ll just have to go read it in its original situation and see does it look better!

Now begins my real problem. The most difficult part of this meme is who to tag as most people I know online seem to have already participated! I think that may be a question to ponder for a little while longer.

Updated Tuesday 18 October: I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out who to tag next. From the amount of thinking I’ve put into it, I’m starting to feel that this meme has become a little like those chain letters that used to go around when I was in school! Anyway, my choices/victims are:

No Eggs Or Nuts
life begins at 30
Zen Foodism
and, in the non-foodie related angle of things…
Year of the Big Drought
Adam Fields (weblog)

Here’s hoping none of them have been tagged already…



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2 Responses

  1. Adam Fields says:

    Thanks for the tag, but my 23rd post doesn’t have 5 lines! What do I do about that?

  2. Caroline says:

    Hmmm…that’s an interesting one! Well, either you could muse on the length of your posts or it is the perfect excuse for just opting out…

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