Fresh and Wild Cookbook by Ysanne Spevack

Undeniably healthy and often intriguing British organic and Fair Trade food chain Fresh and Wild teamed up with organic expert Ysanne Spevack, editor of online organic food magazine, to produce this cookbook. It’s both worthy and worthwhile, but sometimes Spevack’s party political broadcasts on behalf of Fresh and Wild do get a little tiresome, especially when there’s only a limited amount of the shops to go around.

That aside, the biggest problem with this book is the lack of a glossary. There are frequent references to ingredients that probably won’t be familiar to many readers – tempeh, spelt, rapadura – and, although Spevack does explain what they are, that’s only useful if you read the whole thing in sequence. Things can get confusing if you, like me, tend to dip in and out of recipe books rather than peruse it from cover to cover. An A to Z glossary would save both time and patience, further demystifying all those odd things you find in health shops.

The selection of recipes in the Fresh and Wild Cookbook are undeniably healthy and often intriguing. Worth working through if you’re making the effort to move away from meat and two veg.

Fresh and Wild Cookbook by Ysanne Spevack is published by Thorsons.



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  1. Thanks for this review.Just dropping you a line to correct my website address. I’ve written and edited since 1999, come take a look!I agree, an index would have been good, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipes, and experimenting with more unusual ingredients!Thanks, Ysanne

  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Ysanne! Will correct the link in the body of the text.

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