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When I started Bibliocook in New Zealand almost a year ago, there weren’t that many NZ food blogs. Barbara at Auckland’s Winos and Foodies was in contact early on and I’ve since enjoyed reading her posts about Real Mexican Hot Chocolate, pumpkins, wine and books – I have to especially credit her with introducing me to remarkable Australian chef Gay Bilson. On one of my regular wanders over to Winos and Foodies I suddenly realised that there was a list of new food blogs on her side nav. After spending a couple of hours wandering around their sites, I now introduce you to several of the (blogging) foodies in NZ…

  • Macaroon obsessive Céline, a self-described French Gastronaut in New Zealand, blogs at An Angel at My Table. I was particularly interested in her post about a competition for talented home cooks in Christchurch – makes me long to be back there and planning my own menu.
  • Besides discovering her link on Barbara’s page, I happened on Christine Davis at Neato a couple of times when looking for some information on cheesemaking in NZ. Just watch her Stilton get bluer and bluer!
  • Formerly known as Green Eggs and Spam, now Bron has moved her creative cooking to Bron Marshall. I’m really loving her Valentine’s Day Shrewsbury Hearts.
  • Wellington-based Emma presides over The Laughing Gastronome . Check out her intriguing recipe for Socca
  • New Zealand truffles were something that I heard a lot of while at Savour New Zealand. On The Farm is the weblog of Canterbury truffle grower and writer Gareth Renowden.
  • Fellow curly-haired food blogger suburban hippy currently has a delicious-sounding recipe for Aussie classic Lamingtons.

    And some wine sites…

  • Screwcaps! – An ongoing rant about the New Zealand wine industry
  • The Wine Wanker – wine, food and the life of a twenty-something Wellingtonian
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    6 Responses

    1. Nico says:

      Hi CarolineThanks for the link and your lovely comments!

    2. Caroline says:

      I only hope I haven’t added to the Lamington debate by calling them Australian! I always understood them to have originated from Australia, probably from some ancient cookbook at home. Judging by the comments on your site, it can be a contentious issue!

    3. Barbara says:

      Just dropped by to say hi and what a nice surprise to see my site featured. Thankyou. The March issue of Taste magazine due out next week, has an article on food blogging . I was interviewed last October so I’ll be interested to see who else is featured.

    4. Caroline says:

      That’s interesting! I’d love to see the piece when it comes out but Taste just isn’t available over here. Still, I can always console myself with my lovely Cuisine…

    5. Bron says:

      Thanks heaps from me also CarolineYou’ll be please to hear I’m the proud owner of a little jar of “Pure Wasabi” ;-)Thanks also for the heads up on the Taste mag Babara, I shall look out for it.CheersBron

    6. Caroline says:

      Let me know how you get on with that little – but very powerful! – jar of Pure Wasabi, Bron. I must see if I can track down any half decent stuff over here in Ireland and try your macaroons…

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