Better-late-than-never Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits Being back in Ireland now, I nearly forgot all about Anzac Day this year on 25 April and it wasn’t until a few days later that I got round to making the traditional batch of Anzac Biscuits for the Boyfriend. Although late for the day itself, this baking stint was perfectly timed for the weekend as we’re about to embark on a camping trip – the first one of the year (we hope to remember the sleeping bags this time!) – and it’s good to have some oaty biscuits to stave off starvation, or “for morale,” as the Boyfriend puts it.

While assembling the biscuits for cooking last night, I was a little distracted by simultaneously trying to get my own supper ready (Mushrooms in Milk again, on top of some thick slices of Blazing Salads‘ Multigrain Rye Sourdough bread – yummy) and so I nearly forgot to add the sugar to the mixture – and it wouldn’t be the first time, either. With toast and mushrooms almost ready and demanding my attention, I just grabbed the first bag of sugar that came to hand which happened to be the fabulously rich Dark Muscavado Traidcraft Fairtrade sugar. I’ll never go back. The molasses flavoured muscavado gave the Anzac Biscuits a much deeper, almost treacly, flavour than the normal plain white crystals, a taste well worth repeating.

Incidentally, I always double my original recipe to make about three dozen biscuits. It’s no extra work and it is well worth it to have a stash somewhere in the house (or tent) for nibbling on when the mood (or the Boyfriend) strikes.



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