Food and music: Alex Kapranos

Alex Kapranos Watch out for the idiosyncratic food columns by Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos in The Guardian newspaper. After tip-off from my workmate about Kapranos being about to publish a collection of the columns, I went searching for them online. They’re pieces about the foods that former Glaswegian sous-chef Kapranos encounters while on tour with the band – a burger at Anthony Bourdain‘s Les Halles, blowfish in Osaka, the best New York donuts, street food in Singapore. Here are a few links to his most recent articles:
05.05.06 Alex Kapranos: The Formosa cafe
28.04.06 Alex Kapranos: The kluski pasta
21.04.06 Alex Kapranos: It came from the east
31.03.06 Alex Kapranos: Eating habits
24.03.06 Alex Kapranos: Guilty pleasures
17.03.06 Alex Kapranos: Donut delights
10.03.06 Alex Kapranos: Carnivore’s corner
03.03.06 Alex Kapranos: Big fat pig
24.02.06 Alex Kapranos: Fast food revenge
17.02.06 Soundbites



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