Berlin for Prix Europa

In Berlin most of this week to present the Other Voices website at the Prix Europa internet competition. A total of 22 sites are nominated for the Exploration award, each of which has to give a half-hour presentation.

Our area of the competition is fortunately limited to three days – long, intense and tiring but also incredibly rewarding. It’s not often you get the chance to sit down with your professional peers to discuss and share concepts, ideas and inspiration from all over Europe.

As for getting to see Berlin, forget it. The most I’ve experienced so far is through the window of the bus that takes us to Potsdam every morning or from a taxi speeding home through a hushed late-night cityscape. I’ve a free day on Saturday though – perhaps time to explore some markets, discover Berlin and, of course, have some close encounters with German food, for myself.

Update Sunday 22 October: And the winners were…the team behind the wonderful Fantastic Stories from Denmark. Many congratulations to Sidsel and Ole!



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  1. Darn'it says:

    Oh, and how often may I ask did you see the city through taxi windows?Dear CookIt was great meeting you! We’ll stay in touch – and exchange a few more recipes here or in Berlin!FISL

  2. Caroline says:

    Well, three taxis out of five nights ain’t bad! Great to meet you too – and thanks for making everything run so smoothly. Prix Europa was a wonderful introduction to Berlin and I’m definitely going to make it back at some stage in the (hopefully!) not-so-distant future!

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