Some new Irish foodie additions

Here are a few Irish food sites that I’ve been spending time on recently…

* – I wrote about this site when I first discovered it in April and I’ve been enjoying it ever since, especially the recipes for spice blends from Orgapod‘s Nafisa Brennan. Between her ideas and Barbara over at Winos and Foodies talking about her own homemade curry powder, I’m getting inspired!

* The Irish Foodie – “tastes and scribblings” from Hamlet Sweeny in Dun Laoghaire. Check out his rant on the homogenisation of eating-out food in Ireland.

* Where’s the Salt? – a Cork perspective on food for families (and Kieran Murphy‘s superb Chocolate Chip Cookies)

* – lucky Martin is just recently back from Terre Madre 2006 in Turin. Read about his experiences with Antonio Carluccio et al here.

* Though small, it is tasty – after recently becoming the very proud owner of my own damson tree, I was particularly taken with this entry on Damson Gin. Make sure you check out the Caraway Vodka too!



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