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Richard Corrigan The second episode of Richard Corrigan’s show, Corrigan Knows Food, will be on RTÉ One this evening at 7pm. While I think Corrigan can sometimes go a bit overboard (his recent Late Late Show appearance was embarrassing, to say the least) when he’s on form, he’s an enthusiastic presenter and inspiring cook. Why, however, someone felt the need to shoehorn the man into a badly-fitting magazine format, is a mystery. Anne Kennedy has a good review of the first programme in the series here on and you can watch the show online here.

Corrigan also makes an appearance on last night’s Questions and Answers, responding to the question “Does Richard Corrigan think he is promoting Irish food and tourism when he criticises Irish food products?”. John O’Donoghue, Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism, brings up the old chestnut of Ireland: The Food Ireland (recently debated at the Euro-toques forum in Brooklodge) and there are also contributions from Kevin Sheridan of Sheridans Cheesemongers as well as a whole heap of good sense talked by a gentleman – whose name I didn’t catch – from the Associated Craft Butcher’s of Ireland.



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3 Responses

  1. That new Corrigan programme was shockingly bad. I gave up after the joke of a piece on functional foods. Is that what passes for serious journalism nowadays?Compare it to the joy that is Heston Blumenthal’s programme. I’ll never cook a rib of beef overnight at 50C but it’s great to see someone else do it.

  2. Caroline says:

    I’ve never seen the programme but, from what I’ve read about his cooking, Heston Blumenthal’s food is aspirational cooking at its very best – everything so incredibly well thought out, everything done for a reason. We don’t have a television so I’m limited to watching programmes online. Must go searching for Heston!

  3. Conor, your last comment was in the middle of loads of bloody spam comments and I managed to delete it. Sorry about that. Actually tried to look at the clip of Heston’s fish and chip supper on the BBC website but it doesn’t seem to work – wonder if it’s geo-blocked?

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