The Italian School of Cooking

italianschool.jpg Thanks to Marco and Marcello, my hosts at the Italian School of Cooking, where I attended a class on pasta making last night. As well as learning how easy it is to make pasta without a machine – I was dead proud of my attempts at orecchiette! – I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, eating and drinking, meeting people and being serenaded over dinner by a very enthusiastic Marco.

The school, which is centrally located in Rathmines, is definitely worth checking out. Time to pick up a bag of durum flour from the Italian shop in Ranelagh for some pasta-making experiments down at the cottage.

Italian School of Cooking



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6 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    Thanks for the tip. Would love to learn more about Italian cooking. Got a pasta machine for Christmas and finally got the hang of it! Love your blog!

  2. Richard says:

    Beautiful venue, beautiful people! A great experience with Italian School of Cooking. Always INTENSITA’!!!

  3. Caroline says:

    If you have a pasta machine you’ll be way ahead of me, Deborah! That night Marcello made Maltagliati e Fagioli – a bean soup with roughly torn sheets of fresh pasta and I still remember the pasta’s lovely silky texture. Of course, this dish was made using a pasta machine. I’ve been trying to avoid buying one but maybe I’ll just have to invest after all!

  4. Deborah says:

    Caroline, DH being the cheap ba****d he is, he got it for €9.99 at Aldi!!! But I was in a lovely cookery shop in Tullamore the other day and I swear it’s the same machine there for €100. So maybe just shop around!

  5. roberto says:

    I’m Roberto,I’m Italian and I want give my congratulations to the Italian School of Cooking for their work, their enthusiasm and their work to improve lots of the Italian restaurants in Dublin.I’d love organize a team cooking with all my Irish colleagues in your school really soon. In my office your food and songs are very popular!Thanks Caroline,CiaoRoberto.

  6. mary says:

    These Italian guys are simply wonderful!Warm atmosphere and great food,I spent a special birthday in their School,I really reccomend the introductory course.Mary Malone

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