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There were two interesting food pieces on RTÉ news programmes over the weekend – Jennie O’Sullivan reported on a Slow Food Ireland promotion at a farmers’ market in Kinsale on the Six One News and there was also a feature on Morning Ireland about the new farmers’ market in Ballymun.

Also, here are a few more new Irish food blogs…

Eat Drink Live: I missed Limerick-based Laura’s blog last time round but fortunately Val pointed her out. She is currently running a monthly muffin recipe on the site (check out the fabulous Paddy’s Day ones here) and – as a result of her blog – has just started supplying Italian deli La Cucina with muffins, cookies and other assorted sweet stuff.

Italian Foodies: speaking of La Cucina, owners Lorraine and Bru have their own blog at Italian Foodies. Lots of simple Italian recipes, information on Italian foodstuffs and lessons on how to eat like an Italian.

Eat Me Drink Me: Abulafia’s inspired experiments with Homecured Bacon and Pork Rillette are well worth reading. Plus she’s also a fan of one of my favourite seasonal cookbooks, The Cook and The Gardener by Amanda Hesser.

Quirky Blog: Quirky has its own wee blog on the go, with a few recipes – just beware of straying on to the rest of the site which has lots of lovely bakeware, my favourite cast iron pots, all kinds of useful gadgets – and they deliver free in Dublin for orders over €100.



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5 Responses

  1. abulafia says:

    Ta muchly for the link.You are also a Tessa Kiros fan I see. Was going to review her book “12” this week.Liked your take on the Les Halles cookbook, btw.

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks for the link Caroline I’m off to look at your hot-cross buns now. Also love the review of The Old Convent and took a look at their site, but it seems my little one won’t be welcome for a few years yet!

  3. Caroline says:

    Haven’t read 12, Abulfina. What is it like? I’ve a pile of cookbooks on the go at the moment – Darina Allen’s new seasonal one, the Eden Cookbook, a fantastic cheese book by Paul Gayler. Must get motivated to write some more reviews!If you’re going to head to The Old Convent, Laura, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the wee one with someone else. I think the owners look at it as a kind of refuge away from all cares – including babies! – you certainly feel very looked after, even if you’re just there for dinner.

  4. abulafia says:

    It’s….well…largely Tuscan. And its arranged seasonally, one chapter per month. Beautifully photographed, and well explained.Most of the recipes are typically Tuscan – good ingredients, simply treated, will speak for themselves. A cuisine of concert. Well written, by someone with an obvious passion, intelligence and ability. Who is a home cook.A good final section on howtos, re techniques, and some storecupboard essentials, rounds off an excellent book.That said, if you are an experienced Italian chef, you probably have a version of most of the recipes already on your bookshelf.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Hi Caroline. Thanks a mil for the link!! Mmm I do love my flapjacks.

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