Valentine’s Night Fondue

Happy Valentine’s Day! Be you romantic or not, there’s just no way of avoiding it. But you can make it easier on yourself. After hearing too many tales of horrendous evenings in restaurants from my waitress sister, I’ve always avoided restaurants on Valentine’s Night in favour of preparing something at home. I’m working all day today so there’s not going to be time to prepare any three course meals when I come home tonight – but I’ve got something even better.

After coveting one since I lived in New Zealand, and further inspired by an article in the New York Times, I recent invested in a fondue pot and tonight’s the night that it will make its debut on our table. It’s not a huge leap from last year’s Baked Vacherin Mont d’Or Valentine’s dinner, actually! Once we’ve made Melissa Clarke’s Classic Fondue, she’s got plenty of variations on that theme, or we could go Irish and turn to the Myrtle Allen-devised Ballymaloe Cheese Fondue. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your own Valentine’s celebration.



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  1. I have been a chef for 10 years and there is no worse night than valentines night! Basically you get all tabes of coupls which means that you have about 5 times more dockets than usual which makes for a nightmare service! Usually people dont mind about the bad service though as they are too busy trying to rush home to the bedroom!

  2. As long as they’re being distracted by their partner you wouldn’t be too badly off!

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