The first egg!

Egg number oneOn Saturday – two weeks after our (supposedly) point-of-lay pullets arrived – there was great excitement when the Husband discovered a little egg, still warm, on the bottom of the hen house. Unfortunately, by the time he found it, it was already cracked, proving that our chickens still haven’t got the hang of things. The chicken that laid the egg managed to do it from her perch, rather than the nice cosy nesting box. Still, the cat was delighted to get an egg for her tea and hopefully it won’t take too much longer for the rest of the girls to follow her example.

When you take the cost of the hen house and run into consideration, this is, as the Financially-Orientated Brother pointed out, the most expensive egg ever in the history of egg-laying. When the chickens get the hang of the egg-producing life, we are hoping that the average cost of each egg will come down quite a bit.



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2 Responses

  1. vonsachsen says:

    Good luck with the project:) It´s a week ago I notice, have “the girls” produced anything since?PS I hope the cat won´t develop a liking for eggs, now that he/she have had a taste ;P

  2. Caroline says:

    There’s lots of eggs on the way these days! Check today’s update for details. We’re keeping a good eye on the cat. She’s still a little afraid of them and only likes to investigate when we’re nearby but she does get playful on twilight evenings and a chicken moving too fast just might get herself incorporated into a game with the cat that she might not altogether welcome!

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