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Gubbeen LogoGubbeen have started sending out a great email flyer recently to their mailing list with information on their well-known cheese, Clovis’ garden, cooking the fabulous Gubbeen hams, the rare breed chickens that Giana rears around the farmyard and how Fingal makes Gubbeen Salami.

Fingal is one of the people that we talked to for Foodtalk and the afternoon that we spent with him at the Gubbeen Farm – it’s a large mixed farm so there were plenty of pigs grunting, banabhs squealing, chickens clucking and calves mooing – was one of the many highlights of our recording days. The show featuring himself and Jacque Barry of Jacque’s Restaurant in Cork will be broadcast on Newstalk 106-108 fm from 1.30pm on Christmas Day.

You can sign up for the newsletter here – it’s well worth it: this month there’s even a piece on Willie Harcourt Cooze’s Venezuelan Black chocolate (remember Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory on C4 a few months ago?) as well as a recipe from another Foodtalk interviewee – Carmel Somers of the Good Things Café.



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