The True Cost of Cheap Food

Watch out for The True Cost of Cheap Food on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm as Observer food critic Jay Rayner looks into the realities of cheap pre-prepared supermarket food. With an ever-increasing rise in the purchase of supermarket value ranges, Rayner asks if supermarkets have a responsibility to feed their customers properly. You can read his article from Sunday here. Judging by the profits made by Tesco alone in the last year (£1.8bn in the UK), it doesn’t look like they’re going to want to do anything that might eat into their shareholders gravy train, especially when it involves beef pies with just 18% actual beef and sausages that are just 40% pork.

Should be worth a look anyway – at least there’s downloading available on 4oD for the residents of the cottage-without-a-tv!



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