Eggs for St Patrick’s Day

HensIt’s looking like summer has already arrived in North Cork and the hens, although their numbers were reduced to three of the original four after a run in with a fox during the winter, are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine. No matter what weather we’ve had, they’ve still managed to produce a steady source (especially after I found their secret stash!) of dark yellow-yoked eggs for baking and cooking, as well as being entertaining company in the garden.

In honour of St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I’ll be putting some of those eggs into an Irish Tea Brack or even, if the Husband hasn’t finished off all my Sloe Gin, a Ballyvoddy Tea Brack. If you’re looking for something Irish to make for St Patrick’s Day, I’ve a recipe for a Beef and Red Wine Pie which, with a little substitution of alcohol, turns very easily into a Beef and Guinness Pie. Or you could always turn your hand to some Brown Soda Bread.

With this kind of weather, it looks like I won’t be long in the kitchen as there is plenty of digging to be done to get the garden ready for the new season’s planting. Time to join the hens, methinks.

Enjoy your St Patrick’s Day!



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3 Responses

  1. Rena Hennessy says:

    I love your photo of your hens .they look so content

  2. Tomthumb says:

    FAO Caroline Hennessy.Caroline, my name’s Thomas Noonan-Ganley, and I’m a student of Paul McDermott’s in Rathmines college. I wonder if you’d be able to answer a couple of quick questions (relating to food) via email- for an essay I’m writing?Sorry to post this as a comment; Paul suggested I contact you through the blog-so I am!Kind regards,Thomas.

  3. Caroline says:

    The hens were having a ball that day, lots of sunshine!Thomas – thank you for your message. I’ll definitely be in contact.

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