Rachel’s return to RTÉ

Rachel AllenI’m loving the new RTÉ player. We don’t have a television at the cottage but at least I can check out the latest food series, normally at the same time as feeding Little Missy! While she chews and hums her happy way through dinners of mashed avocado and beetroot or potato and courgette, I’ve watched Corrigan’s City Farm, most of Fresh from the Sea (note to self: remember to check player before programme is deleted) and am working my way through Trish’s French Country Kitchen.

The latest programme to pop up is Rachel Allen’s new series, Home Cooking. Her books are the ones that I return to again and again, especially Bake, which is right up my street. That particular one is up on my kitchen cookbook shelf (as opposed to the living room cookbook shelves, the piles of cookbooks on the stairs and the cookbook shelf in the spare room!) right next to Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess. Her latest book, also called Home Cooking (HarperCollins), is due out next month. Hopefully lots of new cooking opportunities – just as long as Little Missy gives me a chance to get the bowls and cooking spoons out!

Home Cooking is showing on RTÉ One on Thursday nights at 8.30pm



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  1. pity says:

    so, they show in NZ the new Rachel Allen’s series at the same time as here in the UK, it has just started, I love Rachel, and like you, i love her book Bake, did you see the whole series? she is also one of the presenters of the daily program Market kitchen showing here in the food channel,very interesting your blog, i wil be back,chers from london, from a spanish girl,pity

  2. Caroline says:

    I did manage to see the whole Bake series – I’m actually in Ireland at the moment – and really enjoyed it. I’ve never managed to catch Market Kitchen. What kind of things does she cook on that show? I’m not sure if Rachel has made it to NZ yet but I’ll check it out at Christmas time when we go over next.

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