Monthly Archive: October 2009


Kaffee und kuchen in Berlin

Autumn in Berlin

Coffee and cake – kaffee und kuchen – can you think of a better thing to warm you up on a bracingly cold Berlin afternoon? Over the course of ten days in Germany there were a lot of stops with Little Missy for a variety of sweet treats – and a lot of walking to compensate! Herself, myself and the Husband were staying at an apartment in the Friedrichshain district so, with the Husband gone from early to late on his course, LM and I set off to explore the city together. Mornings she slept then, as soon as she cocked an eye, she was scooped up, wrapped warmly, landed in the pushchair and we took off.


Good Mood Food by Donal Skehan

Good Mood Food

I might have missed Donal Skehan in last year’s Eurosong Finals but I have been following and enjoying his food blog for the last couple of years. Skehan, who juggles his music career (he’s a member of pop group Industry) with food writing, has just produced his first cookbook, Good Mood Food. With a few basic rules – eat a variety of colourful fresh foods and drink plenty of water – this is good, solid, sensible eating presented in a bright, accessible format.

Leek and Cashel Blue Cheese Self-Crusting Quiche 2

Leek and Cashel Blue Cheese Self-Crusting Quiche

Despite the fact that we only have two hens now, we still end up with a lot of eggs and I’m always looking for something new to do with them. I love making egg-based quiches or tarts but, with Little Missy on hand, recipes that involve a number of steps – making pastry, prebaking it, making filling, baking end result – often fall by the wayside. That’s why I’m in love with this crustless quiche recipe.


Blas na hÉireann National Irish Food Award winners 2009

Blas na hÉireann

The An invitation to participate again in the judging of the Blas na hÉireann National Irish Food Awards in Dingle on Friday gave me the opportunity to discover a range of new products – as well as stick around for the rest of the weekend’s Dingle Food Festival festivities! This year’s judging was quick and efficient as the initial judging at UCC had slimmed almost 800 entries down to three in each category; all we had to do, in a series of blind tastings, was choose the gold, silver and bronze winners.