New olive oil for Christmas

Colletta Olivieri Extra Virgin Olive Oil I love good olive oil and I especially love Colletta Olivieri Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is imported direct from Italy by producer Lino Olivieri. This week he will be taking delivery of the delicious olio nuovo, new season olive oil, from his family’s farm in Puglia so if you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone who likes their food, then get your hands on this – it’s €40 for a 5 litre can or €25 for the 3 litre can and Lino will courier it anywhere in the country for a very reasonable cost.

Our can lives in a cool place behind the kitchen door, easily accessible so that I can regularly decant it into the dark wine bottle that sits, easily accessible, on the counter. The oil being so fresh, it has a lovely peppery kick which is especially noticable when you eat it with fresh bread or drizzle it over garlic-rubbed toast.

You can read more about the oil below or on the Olivieri olive oil website. Lino Olivieri can be contacted by email ( or mobile (086 8681803).

Magnificent oil, straight from the farm!December usually marks the arrival of the new season Olive Oil in Italy, known as ‘olio nuovo’ (literally New Oil) with its intense fresh flavour and verdant colour. However, here in Ireland it has not always been possible to access these oils without incurring huge expense or effort.This is about to change as the new season of magnificent Colletta Olivieri Extra Virgin Olive Oil is due to arrive in Ireland from Puglia this week and will be available directly from the producer at a very reasonable price.The Olivieris are one of the only sources in Ireland making available this rare and wonderful ‘OLIO NUOVO’ so soon after the annual harvest. It makes an ideal personal or corporate gift.This oil is from trees that are hundreds of years old and are cultivated without fertiliser. The olives were hand picked in November and then pressed using stone-mills. The resulting oil is completely natural. This year’s oil is sweet and fruity with an intense peppery flavour, there are also subtle flavours sneaking through from the wild herbsAbout the OilThe olive trees that produce this oil are hundreds of years old and are situated high above the Adriatic coastline, near the family home, in what is now known as The National Park of Gargano, in the Puglia region of Italy. The variety of olive is the ‘Ogliarola Garganica’, which is an endemic species of olives only grown in Gargano, making this oil truly 100% Italian.UsageIt can be used for dipping with bread, salads or even in cooking and baking.Price€40/ 5 litre can or €25/ 3 litre can, now available nationwide.Enquires and orders toLino Olivieri, mobile: 086



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4 Responses

  1. Elke says:

    Is there anything more delicious than damn good olive oil and homebaked bread….comfort pure…..with a glass of rustic red….heaven on earth :-)Elke

  2. Caroline says:

    What a great idea! Might have to wait till later for the wine though…

  3. donrahi says:

    Yes, I think olive oil, bread and wine is a great compliment. Have you ever tried olive oil cake and coffee? Divine combination! I need to get my hands on the december new oil. Is it available in the US?Cheers & enjoy the oil. So healthy!

  4. Olive oil is such a versatile ingredient. I love using olive oil in cakes, such an interesting flavour.

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