Lyric fm: Chocolate at Christmas – 300 years ago

Mary Cannon's Commonplace Book by Marjorie QuartonIt wouldn’t be at all unusual to come across something like Chocolate Cream or Whipped Chocolate Syllabub on a modern day menu. What is surprising is that these are dishes that may have been eaten at an Irish Christmas celebration during the 1700s, at least from the evidence of Mary Cannon’s Commonplace Book.

The recipes were first recorded 300 years ago, and have now been revived for the 21st century by her great-great – and then some – granddaughter, Tipperary writer Marjorie Quarton. I visited Marjorie to talk about chocolate at Christmas – 300 years ago – for Lyric fm‘s Culture File. Listen to or download the podcast here.

Mary Cannon’s Commonplace Book: An Irish Kitchen in the 1700s is written by Marjorie Quarton and published by The Lilliput Press.



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