Eight Degrees Brewing on Bia Beag

Eight Degrees Brewing logo on a hoodie

To learn more about the Eight Degrees Brewing branding, Keith Bohanna has a guest post over on Bia Beag written by Erik Johansson from The Green Man Studio.

The Husband was chuffed at idea of having a “soft antipodean voice,” wondering, then, if that meant that the Aussie was the brash and loud part of the partnership. The discussion continues…

Bia Beag [Small Food] Guest Post: The story of the Eight Degrees packaging design



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4 Responses

  1. why thank you Caroline

  2. Martin Dwyer says:

    I Followed the links and just read that great piece.
    Terrific story I will certainly sample these when next in Ireland , the ginger beer sounds interesting , is it alcoholic?

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      The ginger beer is still a work in progress! It will be non-alcoholic as the official name for it is Pioneer Ginger Beer. When we’re in NZ we always drink loads of the stuff so it we thought it would be great if we could get our hands on an Irish ginger beer. Best ever hangover cure!

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