Monthly Archive: September 2011

Latest cottage addition - the Small Girl 38

Just arrived

Meaty stews and wholesome soups, egg-in-an-eggcup for breakfast and mid-afternoon hunks of cheese with apples: my latest long-term cooking project came to an end early last Thursday morning and now it’s feed-me-up time. Our...

Wild Irish damsons, picked by the riverside 3

Wild Damson Vodka

When we bought the cottage we were lucky enough to acquire an old damson tree. The trunk and branches were mossy and gnarled and, come autumn, it turned out that the fruit wasn’t great...

Sharon Hearne-Smith at the Irish food photography workshop 4

Irish food photography workshop

Ask food bloggers to bring something sweet to have with coffee and just look what you get: a mouthwatering array of beautifully baked and lovingly packaged treats. And they were just the icing on...

The Shy Chef 2

Berlin: Bashful dining with the Shy Chef

An email conversation with Aoife at I Can Has Cook about her forthcoming trip to Berlin reminded me of the time I spent there with a six-month-old Little Missy while the Husband did his...

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