An afternoon in Dublin… The Bakehouse, Silk Road Cafe, Skinflint

Seafood Chowder at The Bakehouse, Dublin

As big as a baby's head - I checked

…during which I ate creamy, chive-flecked seafood chowder in an large bread bowl (€9.50) at the friendly Bakehouse (6 Bachelors Walk, Dublin). I arrived in the door with a pushchair full of squawking Small Girl – she’s not a fan of late lunches – and the helpful staff were very much appreciated.

Lots of freshly baked sweet treats on offer but, seeing as I couldn’t even get near finishing my bread – seriously, look at the size of it! – I had to decline, this time.

Besides, I was en route to…

Orange Cake at The Silk Road Cafe,Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle

Whose fingers are those, I wonder?

…The Chester Beatty Library to meet friends for coffee in my favourite Silk Road Cafe (Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle). And who could resist a slice of the ultra-moist orange cake that sat on the counter alongside the baklava, flapjacks and Turkish Delight? Not me – and the Small Girl was even trying to get her hand on it.

With the Castle Gardens just outside and a roof garden on top of the library, it’s a great place to meet friends with a lively toddler, especially as the Middle Eastern-style lunches in the cafe – I’m a fan of the lamb koftas, with lots of unusual salads – are rather special. I can also say, from back in the day when I lived in Dublin, that the fresh mint tea does miraculous things to Saturday morning hangovers.

After coffee, cake and chat, it was time to head back down the hill to…

Tess and Sadie grilled pizzas at Skinflint, Dublin

Tess straight ahead, Sadie on the right

…grab an early dinner with the Husband at Skinflint (19 Crane Lane, Dublin 2).

Now open in the former Crackbird venue, it’s another Twitter-promoted restaurant (catch them at SkinflintDublin), with free #tweetseats available, a slim menu – grilled pizzas, daily meatball and one-pot-wonder specials – and a simply decorated room that makes a style statement out of leaving the nuts and bolts on show.

It was a “Sadie” (€11) thin-crust pizza, reeking of garlic in a make-sure-you’re-both-eating-it-way, with spinach, crunchy hazelnuts and melted fontina, that I loved – great textures – but the sweet aniseed flavours of “Tess” (€13), complete with pulled pork and mascarpone put up a fair fight.

Loved the 25kg bags of Odlums piled by the wall, chilli honey on the tables for drizzling as desired and the buzz. Good tasty food, fast.



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8 Responses

  1. Móna Wise says:

    Busy girl! Sounds like you had a grand time and that mint tea would go down a treat here foe sure!

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      You know what it’s like yourself, trying to get around and cram as much (food) as possible in! I’m not often in Dublin and always go armed with a long list of places to check out. Fortunately the Small Girl co-operated, although by the time we finished in Skinflint she was ready for home.

  2. Cannot believe how big Small Girl has got! Just look at that hand! She is growing so fast! Sounds like you packed a ton into your afternoon – I should try it!!!! 🙂

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      She’s certainly growing up! Just started on solids so we’re finally on the long road to actually being able to sit down at the table together.

  3. Clare says:

    Sounds like a lovely foodie day out in Dublin. Need to plan one for us and a few Irish Foodies shortly! 🙂

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      Ooh! I’d love that. At the moment I’m getting away with leaving Little Missy with her Nana – she prefers hanging out there to being at home! – and bringing Small Girl along on trips, as you’ve seen. It’s so much easier manage one!

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out Skinflint for a while. Interesting that they use Odlums flour in the pizza bases, not Italian flour. How did they hold up?

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      Really, really good bases. Very thin and crispy. Have to say, I’ve been using plain flour in my pizzas lately – a little shortage of bread flour! – and it works well. After all, you’re looking for something flat. Must continue experiments…

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