Something cheesy for Valentine’s Day

Coeurs Neufchatel, heart-shaped cheese from Normandy, France

Oozy and cheesy

I’ve never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. It was such an angst-ridden occasion when I was a teenager: I would be simultaneously longing to get a card from my object of desire, knowing that would never happen and terrified that I’d get the pity card from my mother. There would be an intense giddiness throughout the school, rumours flying around and teachers not in the least bit amused by trying to keep flighty teenagers in line.

Sometimes it’s a relief to look back and realise that there certainly are advantages to growing up!

We never go out around Valentine’s and special meals on our own are somewhat limited by two small squawkers, but there is always post-baby-bed cheese.

I was easily seduced by this palm-sized Coeurs Neufchatel that I picked up at Iago in Cork’s English Market. A soft, salty Camembert-style heart from Normandy,  it’s going to be a good match with a few plain crackers and some Sunburnt Irish Red from Eight Degrees. The simplest matches can often be the best.

Other cheesy Valentine’s ideas
2008 The easiest Valentine’s Day dinner: Baked Vacherin Mont d’Or
2007 Valentine’s Night – delayed: Simple Irish Cheese Fondue

If you want to avoid the lots-of-semi-silent-couples-lined-up-for-dinner idea, support a good cause and eat some good Cork food, the English Market is holding a Valentine’s Night Fundraiser for Threshold, with all-inclusive tickets just €50. Communal tables available for groups of single people.



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4 Responses

  1. Had some Mont d’Or over the weekend – it’s hard to beat!

  2. Sheila Kiely says:

    mmmmmmm, great on some crusty bread. Went out one Valentine’s eons ago and asked my now husband where we were going – he shrugged – hadn’t booked anywhere! Ended up in a pretty unmemorable Chinese. Rarely celebrated now as he’s usually away but do still get a card though, corny but makes me smile.

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      Hope your card arrived this morning, Shelia! I think I was too scarred by those embarrassing teenaged Valentine’s Days to want to ever do the card thing again. Still, it’s always good to have an excuse to cook something special.

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