Five foodie treats under €10: The Irish Times Christmas Supplement 2012

The Irish Times Christmas Supplement 2012

Pocket friendly treats

Part one of my Irish food gifts article for The Irish Times is here or, if you have a subscription, you can read the entire published version here.

I’m always looking for small bits and pieces to include in Christmas food parcels and here are a few of my favourites. These are all Irish – indeed, several are great alternatives to imported products – cost less than €10 and will be warmly welcomed by any food lover.



Highbank Farm Orchard Syrup


Looking for a new sweetener for breakfast pancakes and porridge? The toffee-like Highbank Orchard Syrup, produced from organic apples, can give Canadian maple syrup producers a real run for their money. (€7.90,

Irish Atlantic sea salt

Use for savoury - or sweet

The flaky crystals of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt are a kitchen essential, perfect for seasoning anything from the Christmas turkey to a chocolate caramel sauce (€4.99,

Blackthorn Foods - Butter Fudge Fondue

Fab fudgy goodness

Belfast’s Blackthorn Foods make a delectable Butter Fudge Fondue in an earthenware dish that can be heated and used as a dip or sauce. (£3.99,

Luxury Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread

A touch of luxury for morning toast

The freshly roasted crunch of the nuts in the Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread from the Chocolate Garden of Ireland make this a not-too-sweet spread for children and adults alike. (€5.95,

Llewellen's Irish Balsamic Cider Vinegar

Stock up for January

A spoonful of Llewellyn’s Balsamic Cider Vinegar lends a welcome tart piquancy to sauces and dressings – and a dash in a glass of hot water makes the ideal post-Christmas pick-me-up. (€9.50-€9.95,

Keogh's Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing crisps

Turkey time!

And one extra small seasonal treat: Christmas in a crisp? The latest innovation from the Keogh’s crop-to-crisp family is a seasonal limited edition Roast Turkey and Secret Stuffing flavour. (99c,

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4 Responses

  1. Kristin says:

    Cider vinegar in hot water? Interesting! Must try it as a Stephen’s Day tonic after all the excesses.

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      It’s something I remember reading about in a book that my grandfather had – but so much more delicious when it’s balsamic cider vinegar!

  2. Some nice finds – love the idea of using the sea salt in chocolate! Delicious!

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