Summertime beer: Sunburnt Irish Red and Elderflower Ice Pops - Sunburnt Irish Red beer popsicle

Nice 'n' icy

It had to be done. The sun – sun! – was shining all the time, the forecast was saying crazy things like “exceptionally warm, sunny period with temperatures in the high twenties”, I had carved out a corner of the freezer to make ice pops for the girls – and there was a bottle of beer staring me in the face.

A Sunburnt Irish Red, to be precise.

And, right next to it, was the last little bit of 2013 elderflower cordial.

Who could resist?







Sunburnt Irish Red and Elderflower Ice Pops 
You don’t really need a recipe for this one, just some good quality beer and elderflower cordial. Depending on the strength of the cordial, you might need a little more. Just make sure that it tastes good and strong before you freeze it as freezing dulls some of the flavour. Not the alcohol though – these ice pops are strictly for grown ups!

180mls Sunburnt Irish Red ale
25-30mls elderflower cordial
Ice pop – or popsicle – moulds. Mine are a set of 4 x 50mls. 

Measure beer. Pour in cordial. Mix well. Taste. Consider. Realise that it needs another tasting. 

Fill ice pop moulds with what’s left. Leave room for expansion  Freeze overnight. Finish the rest of the beer while you’re waiting.

Remove from the mould carefully and enjoy in the sun.

Makes 4 x 50ml ice pops. Or you might call them beer popsicles. Or you could just call them heaven on a hot day.

WARNING: the weather may change. Well, it is Ireland. It’s got to be about to start raining soon. Make and eat these as soon as possible.

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