Christmas Baking with Stork - Stork Christmas cookery booklet Anyone remember this Christmas Baking booklet? Stork – yes, the margarine brand – has always been brilliant at putting together the kind of recipe collection that people return to again and again.

So many of us grew up baking and cooking our way through the Paula Daly series of McDonnell’s Good Food Cookbooks in the Seventies and Eighties. As far as I remember, you had to collect a certain amount of tokens from the marg packets – imagine opening the messy envelopes in Stork HQ! – and send them off with some money (probably that vintage thing, a postal order) to get the books.

At a time when the average household owned two or three cookbooks, the Paula Daly collection seems to have made it into almost every home in the country. So many people have happy memories of the recipes in these books and I often get requests for particular favourites. One of the people who saw these queries, a lovely lady called Vaun, has sent me a scanned copy of the Christmas booklet shown here.

So, if you’re looking for recipes for the traditional Christmas Cake, All-In-One Rich Sweet Shortcrust Pastry for your mince pies or even a Oxford Lunch Cake – here you go!
Happy Christmas baking…

Pages 2 & 3
Stork Christmas Cake
White Christmas Cake - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p2 & 3-page-001

Pages 4 & 5
Rich Christmas Cake (with chocolate!)
Small Christmas Cake
Oxford Lunch Cake - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p4 & 5-page-001

Pages 8 & 9
Walnut and Cherry Cake
Santa’s Buttons
Crunchy Christmas Pudding - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p8 & 9-page-001

Pages 10 & 11
Chocolate Ice Cream Crunch
Banoffi Pie - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p10 & 11-page-001

Pages 12 & 13
Christmas Pudding
Baked Pudding option
Festive Mince Pies, including All-In-One Rich Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
Alternative Finishes: Lattice Finish, Lemon Iced Mince Pie - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p12 & 13-page-001

Pages 14 & 15
Roast Turkey
Celery, Herb and Nut Stuffing
Glazed Ham
Oven Baked Ham - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p14 & 15-page-001

Pages 16 & 17
Christmas Fruit Loaf - Stork Christmas cookery booklet - p16 & 17
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13 Responses

  1. Neva says:

    I remember! I think we still have it at home.
    Do you also have any ‘parish’ recipe books? They are great for really reliable cakes because someone has actually made ‘Mrs Rigley’s Christmas Cake’ every year for 50 years.

    • Caroline Caroline says:

      My mum has a few of those – I must track them down! As a child, I remember cooking my way through one with an orange cover from St Joseph’s Foundation in Charleville. They rarely turn up in charity shops though, which is strange when you consider how many of them have been printed over the years.

  2. Agnes O 'Connell says:

    I recently lost my stork Christmas recipe small booklet for all Christmas baking , especially for Christmas puddings and Christmas cake. I had it for years and wonder could you send me one to the above address. I have been using these recipes for more years then I can remember.

    Agnes O’ Connell

  3. Karen Nolan says:

    Hi Agnes, it’s over 9 months since your post but I can scan copies of the Stock Christmas Cooking Booklet to you if you still want it? My Mother gave me hers.


    Karen Nolan

  4. Loretta Doyle says:

    I’m so upset. I had my Stork Cookbook for years and years .it came abroad with me and it’s my favourite Chistmas baking book.
    I can’t find it anywhere and I know it must be here so to all fellow traditional Christmas Bakers will you say a little prayer that it turns up . I’m about to get St Anthony into action but just in case he’s on overload send me your good vibes . A Happy and Peaceful Christmas everyone . X

  5. Loretta Doyle says:

    Success. I started tidying up my cookery books and stuck at the back of the Shelf was my
    Christmas baking with Stork. Thank you St Anthony ………I’m so happy it’s like having a bit of my youth and memories of my Mum and Auntie Mary. Both great bakers
    Off to get stuck in now to the Christmas treats .. Loretta

  6. Debbie Hutchinson says:

    My mother always made an amazing Oxford Lunch for me for Christmas. Loved it, I remember her saying it was the Stork recipe. When she was going through chemo we were talking about this and she said when she was better she would teach me to make it. Unfortunately she died before we got around to it and since then I have been trying out different recipes but it was never the same. I think this Stork recipe is the one. I’m going to try it this week, even though it’s March. Thanks so much, I remember the booklet vividly.

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