Listen: Culture File – James Hoffman de-snobs your coffee

Square Mile Roasters at Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival 2014

Irresistible to taste at Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival

Once upon a time, it was enough to have a favoured brand of instant coffee; now it’s all Sumatra Gegarang this, natural process that, small batch roast the other. Things have come a long, long way in the coffee world – and it’s got a whole lot more complicated.

James Hoffman of London’s Square Mile Coffee Roasters wants to make buying coffee a little less mysterious, to de-snob it, if you will, and his forthcoming book aims to do just that.

A little bit of knowledge might be a dangerous thing – there’ll be no going back to your instant now – but The World Atlas of Coffee will be published by Firefly Books on 4 November and can be pre-ordered now.

Until then, take a walk down to your nearest coffee spot (Cork’s Filter, along with Vice, Coffee Angel, Roasted Brown and 3fe in Dublin are all favourites) and order your cup of Irish-roasted joe.

If you’re interested in learning more about Irish coffee roasters – and you didn’t make it to Keith Bohanna’s Bia Beag Meet the Roasters event in Kilkenny last weekend – check out his report on the night, along with videos of Jennifer Ryan from Ponaire, Ferg Brown, Roasted Brown and Badger and Dodo‘s Brock Lewin.



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