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Bibliocook.com: Littlewoods Ireland Best Food Experience Blog Award 2016Eleven years blogging. Love it!

A five word acceptance speech doesn’t let you get many thank yous in but it does concentrate the mind.

Just as well we were told to be short and sweet last Thursday at the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 as I was more than a little dumbfound when I discovered that Bibliocook: All About Food was the winner of the Best Food Experience Blog. It certainly was a Big Tent moment, held in Dun Laoghaire at Duffy’s Circus, complete with clowns, acrobats, a Transformer and some very circus-glam attendees. It was a good night – great to catch up with Úna-Minh and Caitríona! – and coming home with an award was the cherry on top.

I’ve been blogging here about food consistently for the last eleven years, despite moving continents and (several) houses, through weddingsdeaths and arrivals, from studying in cookery school to finding my way as a freelancer and author.

Has it been a chore to keep Bibliocook going? Sometimes, to be honest, when I’m swamped with work and girls and brewery and LIFE, it’s hard to find the time. But then I need a recipe, for spelt shortbread or double chocolate porter brownies or a warm potato and chorizo salad and there it is, in my archive, along with the memories and moments of times past. Because food is never just about eating (although that’s pretty good too!) – it’s about sharing and learning and celebrating.





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