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IBA 2010 winners 0

IBA 2010 winners

And the winner of the 2010 Irish Blog Award in the Food/Drink category is… Good Mood Food! Congratulations to Donal, and to 9 Bean Row, the foodie winner of the Best Newcomer award. The rest of the winners are here.


Irish Blog Awards 2010: food/wine finalists

The list has been radically slimmed down! Good luck to the five worthy finalists in the Best Food/Drink category for this year’s Irish Blog Awards, which are taking place this Saturday in Galway. Good to see some of our regular favourites – Ice Cream Ireland, Daily Spud (both previous winners at the Blog Awards) and Good Mood Food – alongside The Beer Nut’s comprehensive notes on decent beers and Paul J Kiernan’s take on all things wine. May the best blog win!

Best Food/Drink Blog

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Choice in the Country: where are we now?

The Country Cooking of Ireland

In 2006 I wrote an article in reaction to the announcement that US magazine Saveur was about to publish a piece on Ireland as a foodie destination, wondering just what these “mythical gastrotourists” would find if they ventured off the beaten track. The quotes from that piece used in Saturday’s Irish Times Magazine article on Colman Andrews’ The Country Cooking of Ireland made me revisit it and wonder about what’s changed.

Irish Blog Awards: long shortlist just released 2

Irish Blog Awards: long shortlist just released

Congratulations to all those on the long shortlist for this year’s Irish Blog Awards, particularly the 25 competing in the best food/drink category. Sadly Bibliocook didn’t make it through this year but the list below will give you a good chance to catch up with what is going on in the Irish blogosphere, particularly if you’re interested in food!




When you have a child, you suddenly have something in common with a lot of other people and I’ve discovered that this new world of parenthood can be a lot easier to negotiate with friends in a similar position, whether in the real world or online.


Irish Blog Awards 2010: Bibliocook nominated

Irish Blog Awards

It’s that time of the year again. The Irish Blog Awards longlist has been issued and it’s great to see Bibliocook getting a mention in the Best Food/Drink Blog section, again this year sponsored by Bord Bia. Last year’s awards took place in the International Airport Hotel in Cork so off I, plus Little Missy bump, toddled for that night’s festivities, even if we had to go home a little earlier than the rest of the partygoers!