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Loaves and Fishes Supper Club, courtesy of 4

Underground Dining: The Loaves and Fishes Supper Club

Blogger Lilly Higgins runs an underground restaurant called the Loaves and Fishes Supper Club and I interviewed her for a feature that was broadcast on Lyric fm’s Culture File last week. As the piece was very short, I couldn’t use very much of her interview but, seeing as there is so much interest in the whole idea of underground dining at the moment, here’s a podcast of the chat we had at her home in Cobh last month.

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Clonakilty by Candlelight 8

Lyric fm: Going underground for dinner – underground dining in Ireland

Clonakilty by CandlelightMy Culture File report on underground dining in Ireland, featuring Lilly Higgins’ Loaves and Fishes Supper Club and the Clonakilty by Candlelight pop-up restaurant events, is now available as a Lyric fm podcast.

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Lyric FM: McCarthy’s Black Pudding

Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Pudding at McCarthy's Butchers in Kanturk

There was a rich, savoury smell in the autumn air as a band marched down the crowded streets of Kanturk, leading a white and crimson velvet-gowned troup. The members of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Pudding had travelled from France to pay tribute to the gold medal-winning black pudding of father and son butchers Jack and Tim McCarthy.

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