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Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home by Nigella Lawson 

Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

Kitchen arrived at the cottage just before a recent weekend where I was the kind of unwell that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. I picked up Kitchen – carefully, I didn’t want to drop the hot chocolate, and it is a Big Book – and it was the perfect antidote to a few miserable days. I reveled in Nigella’s exuberant and extensive descriptions of Cheesy Chilli, Guinness Gingerbread and Marmalade Pudding Cake. Never mind the comfort eating: this is comfort reading at its very best.


Time ticking down to Kilkenny Foodcamp

Savour Kilkenny

Savour Kilkenny kicks off tomorrow, Friday 22 October, with the first Irish Foodcamp and we’re nearly ready to go! Kristin of Dinner du Jour and I have a slot – there we are at 11.45am in the Slaney Suite of Kilkenny’s Ormonde Hotel – and we’ve been busy working and designing, coding and tweaking on our new foodie project for the last couple of months.


An Irish Butcher Shop by Pat Whelan

An Irish Butcher Shop by Pat Whelan

No longer content to just sell quality meat, Irish butchers are now coming out from behind the counter. They’re telling people exactly where that particular joint comes from, how it is raised, humanely slaughtered and properly aged before it is handed over. With An Irish Butcher Shop Pat Whelan of James Whelan Butchers in Co Tipperary goes one step further. This is a cookbook that will ensure that customers have all his expertise at their fingertips when they arrive home with their piece of meat.

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