A tale of camping food and missing sleeping bags: Sloppy Joes for Campsite Cooking


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2 Responses

  1. Hi Caroline,Just came across your blog via Jules at Stone Soup. Checked out your NZ posts and turns out you’ve been to (well at least really close to) my old home town of Fairlie in South Canterbury. I played rugby in Geraldine and some family friends used to be dairy farmers in Dunsandel.So a belated comment i know…but i just got excited because i didn’t think I’d ever hear about people choose to go to Geraldine for a holiday :)Now to check out the rest of your blog…Cheerio,Matt

  2. Caroline says:

    Surprising thought it may seem, there are some great camp sites – and good eating – around Geraldine! We enjoyed our night in the area so much (despite the lack of sleeping bags) that we came back the following month, just before I headed home to Ireland, for a weekend at one of the DOC campgrounds near Peel Forest. The Boyfriend managed to keep me out of Barkers that time but we did spend all of a leisurely wet afternoon at the Easy Way Café again and I even got to the Fellmann’s chocolate shop. I’d go back there in a moment again…although it is nice to finally be in summer mode in Ireland after two winters in a row!

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