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2 Responses

  1. Suzybie says:

    Ah they are not weird to the foodies! In the next few months we are moving house and I have been hoarding my food utensils and sticking up for certain ways of doing things as there are attempts to declutter the house. I have not food blogged in ages due to the multiplicity of political stories affecting me and others in recent weeks. I have been cooking soup though in an attempt to soothe the soul!

  2. Caroline says:

    Ah soup…’tis good for soothing a rumpled soul and it looks like the All Party Committee have done a lot of rumpling in recent times.As regards de-cluttering, sometimes it comes at the cost of rather a lot of stress! I must admit to owning quite a bit of clutter myself, though, as I do have two kitchens – one in NZand one here in Ireland, slowing emerging from the series of boxes it went into in 2004. I think the Boyfriend, who mostly lived out of a rucksack for the last half dozen years, sometimes despairs.

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