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  1. winds says:

    Hey Caroline, I don’t know if you’re interested, but I think the Real Olive Company occasionally put in an appearance at Temple Bar Food Market on a Sat morning.

  2. Thanks for the link Caroline! I’ll have to show your blog to my wife, she’ll love to hear about all those foodstuffs you bought! 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    You’re right, Winds, and they – or someone very like them – are also at my local farmers’ market in Ranelagh on Sundays, which is very handy. You still can’t beat their stall in the English Market though!Donncha, what I’ve listed above was only the tip of the iceberg and, best of all, most of it was produced in Cork as well. I’m loving Sowan’s Organic Spelt Bread at the moment, especially slathered with Glenilen’s farmhouse butter. I also picked up some Organic Seed Bread from the Baking Emporium and a packet of Rebel City Espresso from Cork Coffee Roasters although these have yet to be opened. I found the coffee in the always-great Bubble Brothers shop (some nice NZ wines), also in the English Market. They’re actually holding a wine tasting in October and you can find out more about that on their own blog. There might have to be a trip back to Cork in the not-so-distant-future!

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