Exchanging winter for summer


Food writer, broadcaster and author Caroline Hennessy has been focused on food and writing since editing Ireland’s first food website for RTÉ in 2000. Chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, she established the award-winning Bibliocook: All About Food in 2005, is the author of two books about beer and food and has a column in the Irish Examiner in which she writes about small food producers and the ways in which they develop and maintain a sustainable local food system.

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9 Responses

  1. plum says:

    Welcome back to the sunny side Caroline! I’ve had friends in New Zealand this month and they say it is just wonderful there at the moment.

  2. Mary says:

    Welcome back Caroline! Wonderful to hear you are in the neighbourhood and I hope you enjoy what the next few weeks may bring. Don’t suppose you brought a bit of warmer weather with you?Cheers!

  3. Ruth says:

    Summer weather, New Zealand skies, cold drinks, meat pies… sounds wonderful. (I’ll have to take your word on the merits of ginger beer!) Have a great holiday!

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Caroline,Sounds like ye had a real food fest at aunts house… will have to go again!!You were wise to avoid the durian…. has to be the worst smelling food ever!Enjoy NZ

  5. beccy says:

    Lucky you enjoying the sunshine. I was hiking aroung Glendalough in the rain yesterday! Enjoy your trip.

  6. barbara says:

    But this week it is damp and wintery here too! A bit of a shock for me after three weeks of 30 degrees in Perth. You are not coming through Auckland at all?

  7. Caroline says:

    It’s so good to be back! We’ve been enjoying great food in Nelson, courtesy of the Boyfriend’s mother – who is a wonderful cook – flat whites at the local cafés, lots of fragrant Sauvignon Blanc in the sunshine – and plenty of rain today! That’s not so bad, though, as we spent the night at the Boyfriend’s family bach near Lake Rotoiti, nice to hear the rain on the roof in the morning and snuggle down for another hour in bed.Barbara – you must have had a major shock if you returned to today’s kind of weather. Unfortunately I won’t be travelling through Auckland this time round. We’re flying direct to Singapore from Christchurch. Maybe we’ll finally get to meet up the next time I’m in New Zealand.

  8. Maeve Gebruers says:

    Hello Stranger, Have spent the last hour reading bibliocook.com, didn’t realise the time passing. I’m now starving. Next time you’re in North Cork let me know and maybe we could try and meet-up. Have printed off the receipe for Cinnamon Apple Cake and will attempt it over the weekend! Really enjoyed the site. Maeve G.

  9. Caroline says:

    Hi Maeve! It’s been a long time indeed. Glad you enjoyed wandering around Bibliocook and hope yourself and Des enjoy the Cinnamon Apple Cake. I’ll definitely be in contact!

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