Rabbit success: Ballyvoddy Rabbit Stew with Herb Dumplings


Food writer, broadcaster and author Caroline Hennessy has been focused on food and writing since editing Ireland’s first food website for RTÉ in 2000. Chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, she established the award-winning Bibliocook: All About Food in 2005, is the author of two books about beer and food and has a column in the Irish Examiner in which she writes about small food producers and the ways in which they develop and maintain a sustainable local food system.

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9 Responses

  1. I’ve only had rabbit once in Casino House and loved it. Wonder is there anywhere in West Cork that sells them?

  2. Caroline says:

    Well, when (if) we manage to catch a few more rabbits, Conor, I’ll let you know. There’s more rabbits than we could ever eat on that bit of land!

  3. Roos says:

    Try Martin Carey’s in Bandon, he can even get you grizzly bear…

  4. Deborah says:

    Sounds divine! Rabbit is so good! Who skinned the poor thing? 🙂

  5. haydn says:

    Bring a big club around to my house, Conor, and you can have as many as you want – they are in just about every dyke on every road. They’re a complete nuisance too and overabundant. I’m coming close to the conclusion that I too will have to kill them, though as yet I’ve relied on the neighbour’s cat.

  6. Caroline says:

    The Boyfriend did the skinning – and a lot of the cooking too. I only got the meat after it had been all de-bunnied! It was a really good stew, especially with the dumplings. I was just so disappointed that we manage to leave the remnants of the rich gravy at the cottage where it will undoubtedly have a lovely coat of mould by the time we get back there again.

  7. I didn’t reaise Martin did game! I’ll ask the next time I’m in.I’ll bring my sledgehammer over Haydn. I used to take a small lane to work in EMC and at certain times of the year the car dispatched a few bunnies a week.

  8. Mary says:

    Rabbit is highly underrated. We eat it quite regularly. Normally making a pasta sauce and serving the meat after pasta with salad.. but for an Irish friend who loves it, I’ll be trying this the next time she’s over for dinner!

  9. Caroline says:

    Sounds like a good thing to try, Mary. I’ve come across a lot of recipes for rabbit ragu with pasta – there was even one by Angela Hartnett in this month’s Observer Food Monthly. Next time we manage to catch one…

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