Ballymaloe Cookery Course: Week 8: Sunday


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  1. Siobhan says:

    Hi Caroline,I just tried to send you an email, but I got an error message, is still working?Thanks,Siobhan

  2. Hi Siobhan…best send me an email via as my cook@bibliocook is being spammed to the max at the moment.

  3. M Buckley says:

    This dark and cold weather has slowed everybody up.

  4. To be honest, we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather here all through the course – the evenings are dark at this stage but the mornings are still gorgeous and it’s great to see the sun rise across Ballycotton bay as I go into school. Think it was just a bad day!

  5. Aibhínn says:

    Hey, just stumbled across this site. There are some great recipes. I am doing a photography project on food in cork so it is really great to read this. Was down in Ballymaloe house and cookery school 2 weeks ago and it is a lovely place and your really lucky to be doing a course there. Hope it all goes well for you!

  6. Thank’s Aibhínn – I’m afraid you won’t find many photos at the moment on the site as, during our last move, the lead to connect the camera to the computer disappeared. Not like I would have had time to actually take or upload pictures anyway! Pity that we didn’t meet up when you were down – were you in for lunch and an afternoon demo?

  7. Aibhínn says:

    I was there taking photographs so was in the kitchen in Ballymaloe and in and out of the school, was snappng at the back of Rachel’s demonstration on Ice Cream. I was also at the Midleton market recently and took photographs there of the Ballymaloe stall.

  8. We’ve done so many ice cream demos at this stage that I can’t remember when that was! When were you at the Middleton market? The day I was working there – with a very red face from the unseasonal heat! there was someone taking photographs of the stall. That wasn’t you, by any chance?

  9. Aibhínn says:

    Ya its possible, i just looked there and the day you posted the post about the market is a few days after when I was there. It was a very bright sunny day, so chances are it was me.

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