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Food writer, broadcaster and author Caroline Hennessy has been focused on food and writing since editing Ireland’s first food website for RTÉ in 2000. Chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, she established the award-winning Bibliocook: All About Food in 2005, is the author of two books about beer and food and has a column in the Irish Examiner in which she writes about small food producers and the ways in which they develop and maintain a sustainable local food system.

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21 Responses

  1. laura says:

    Oh! Congrats on the new arrival. Somehow, despite subscribing to your blog, I didn’t twig you were expecting a small person! 🙂 Yea for new life in the Spring time!

  2. Rosa says:

    Congratulations and Happy Easter!cheers,Rosa

  3. Suzy says:

    Brilliant News!! Complete with CUMH food reviews LOL. Congratulations!

  4. Lucy says:

    What brilliant news! A huge congratulations on your new baby girl 🙂

  5. Martin says:

    Great news Caroline,great times ahead, enjoy them.

  6. Daily Spud says:

    That’s great news Caroline. Congratulations to you all!

  7. Joanne says:

    Caroline, many congrats. It is very exciting for you all!

  8. Tara says:

    Hi,I really enjoy your site and have learned a lot about food! I recently started a small food storage business and have created a website dedicated to helping people build up their emergency food supply. I was wondering if you would be willing to put a link to our site from yours. Our site is called, Feel free to check it out and see what you think. Thanks,Tara

  9. Dave Jones says:

    That’s a wonderful news….congratulations.

  10. Wow congratulations to you both!!

  11. Caroline says:

    Thank you all! Hoping to get back to more regular posts soon…it’s all up to Little Missy these days, though.

  12. barbara says:

    Well congratulations. I had no idea you were pregnant. How wonderful.

  13. Siobhan says:

    Congratulations!! I read your blog regularly but had no idea you were pregnant! Glad to hear that motherhood is going well! xxx

  14. Elke says:

    Congratulations to you both!!! in many aspects but especially when it comes to food, your little girl couldnt have better parents.looking 4ward to seeing you soon.elke

  15. Caroline says:

    Call me superstitious, but I didn’t want to mention too much here in case anything went wrong. Maybe it’s along the same Irish idea of not bringing baby things into the house before the child is born! We had been threatening to make a bed for Little Missy in a drawer but – much to our parents’ relief – it didn’t quite come to that.

  16. Julian says:

    There’s no truth whatsoever in the rumour that starting a family affects your ability to get things done on time. I’m just as late with everything as ever! Congratulations and welcome to the new bibliocook.

  17. Caroline says:

    Thanks Julian – you still seem to be able to get through things ok! As a freelancer, I do hope I’m not going to be getting later with deadlines. Still, at least maternity leave gives me a chance to do very little and figure that all out at some other stage…

  18. Genevieve and Des McCarthy says:

    We are thrilled for you both. As we will be moving to Cork this summer, we look forward to meeting your little Missy. Tell us if you want us to bring anything over from Spain.

  19. Caroline says:

    I never realised that you were moving back over this direction! Hope all goes well with the packing and organising and looking forward to catching up with the three of you sometime over the summer.

  20. Enormous says:

    Hiya! It was only when I read your post about the spork that I realised LM had made her appearance. I met you at the blog awards so I should have known! Congrats to all involved 🙂 and great tip re fennel & aniseed

  21. Caroline says:

    She took her time but made it here in the end! Thanks for the good wishes. I really enjoyed that night at the blog awards, even though I wasn’t there for too long – did I meet you at the Ladies’ Tea Party?

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