Make Bake Love by Lilly Higgins


Food writer, broadcaster and author Caroline Hennessy has been focused on food and writing since editing Ireland’s first food website for RTÉ in 2000. Chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, she established the award-winning Bibliocook: All About Food in 2005, is the author of two books about beer and food and has a column in the Irish Examiner in which she writes about small food producers and the ways in which they develop and maintain a sustainable local food system.

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7 Responses

  1. Kristin says:

    Now that you have the recipe yourself, it won’t be such torture to confess that I got to make that tart this summer from the proofs. 😉 It’s worth the purchase price of the book alone!

  2. nice book cover!

    I love tarts too more then even cakes. It reminds me of warm french summers with my grandma and the whole family… nostalie ^.^

  3. Caroline says:

    Pre-publishing tart making?!

    • Sarah-Jane says:

      #tartgate 😉
      Can’t wait to get this and start a baking frenzy! Getting an iPad this wk so furiously investigating buying virtual cookbooks .. not the same but needs must!

      • Caroline says:

        Love the #tartgate hash tag! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the virtual cookbooks. I can see why they would be handy, especially when you’re heading over to NZ, but I still love the real thing.

  4. Catherine says:

    So tasty, and moreish! Dying to get stuck into the book myself this weekend – I’m most intrigued by the festive scone wreath.

    • Caroline says:

      You got first dibs at the tart on Friday, despite all the efforts by the Little Sister to try it out before you arrived!

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