Kitchen Projects: Homemade mozzarella in 30 minutes


Food writer, broadcaster and author Caroline Hennessy has been focused on food and writing since editing Ireland’s first food website for RTÉ in 2000. Chair of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, she established the award-winning Bibliocook: All About Food in 2005, is the author of two books about beer and food and has a column in the Irish Examiner in which she writes about small food producers and the ways in which they develop and maintain a sustainable local food system.

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4 Responses

  1. Stasty says:

    Very impressive Caroline, looks great too. We recently went on a cheese making course in Knockdrinna and used raw milk. It was great. Hard to get large quantities of raw milk these days 🙁 Must try your Mozzarella recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Caroline says:

    What cheeses did you make? I think Helen would be a great teacher.

    I’d love to try this recipe with raw milk. I just might have to pay a social visit to one of the nearby uncles at milking time…

  3. Jo says:

    Oh this sounds so easy and fun I’m totally going to give it a go! Will have to pass the recipe onto my sister whose on a dairy farm in NZ, an endless supply of lovely fresh cows milk! Just hope I can hunt down some rennet here in Canberra.

    • Caroline says:

      It really is amazingly easy – just wait until you are shaping your own mozzarella balls! If you can’t get your hands on rennet locally, try online or talk to cheesemakers at your local farmers’ market.

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