The Cake Café Bake Book by Michelle Darmody – and some Lemon Slices


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  1. Mary says:

    I made the Lemon Slice. The recipie did not say how much butter to use in the base also at what point I should add the lemom juice. My base wasn’t chrisp. I would like to perfect it.

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Mary,
      The butter is the second ingredient in this recipe – you need “250g butter, cubed”.

      With regard to the lemon juice, you add it where it says “Gently mix in the lemon juice, baking powder and plain flour.” That’s the fourth paragraph in the recipe.

      If you’re trying to get the base crisp, make sure you cook it until it turns a light golden brown BEFORE you add the lemon topping. Everyone’s oven is different and yours might take a little longer than 12-15 minutes.

      Best of luck with your experiments. Even if it’s not perfect, I’ll bet that it still tasted fantastic!

  2. Eileen McGrath says:

    I made the banana and apple buns this evening they taste good but they do not come away from the bun cases I notice there is no butter or oil in the recipe or should I have greased inside of cases before baking got recipe from weekend which comes with Saturday’s Examiner. Would like your opinion on this. Thank you

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Eileen…that’s always a disappointing outcome – although, if the buns are good enough, my pair of small savages have been known to chew the remnants off the bun wrappers! That said, it’s not my recipe so it’s probably bests if you contact Michelle through her Cake Café as it is hers. You’ll find her website here:

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