Author: Caroline

Blog Awards Ireland 0

Blog Awards Ireland 2012

When the Blog Awards Ireland longlist was recently released, I was thrilled to discover Bibliocook nominated in three categories. I’m there in the food/drink category, the popculture list and, most astoundingly of all, in the...


Kitchen Projects: Homemade Cassis

Friday night: end of the week-time, start of the weekend, relaxed dinner – and maybe-a-glass-of-something-time? A few weeks ago, with long-packed boxes finally emerging from the attic at the brewery, I was thrilled to rediscover...

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies 5

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Something good just got better. Take your favourite chocolate brownie recipe, dot the brown, cocoa-rich batter with dollops of a simple vanilla cheesecake mixture, swirl and bake. Irresistible? They never seem to last long here....