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Valentine’s Day Blog Awards nominations

The perfect Valentine’s Day surprise? After a day away from the computer, coming home to find that Bibliocook: All About Food has been nominated in the food and drink category for this year’s Irish Blog Awards. And I’m in good company! Check out the list below and take a look around the Irish Blog Awards site to discover who, and what, else is going on in the Irish blogging world.


Clonakilty by Candlelight…and other good eating in Dublin

Clonakilty by Candlelight

It was an eating weekend in Dublin. Kristin of Dinner du Jour and I were there on Friday night to attend Clonakilty by Candlelight, a pop-up restaurant which ran for three nights last week and is continuing for another three from this Thursday. I don’t want to write too much about the whole event – one of the best parts of it, for me, was the fact that I didn’t know what was about to happen – but I’ll give you a few impressions of the night: sipping cava in the drawing room of a gracious Georgian house…fabulous meet and greet people…lots of eerie staring dolls…unusual uses of bacon…in short, great food, interesting people and an amazing atmosphere. Well worth dressing up for. There was also a competition element which the IFBA representatives didn’t shame themselves at. Just as well – the bagful of Clonakilty products that I went home with came in very handy for breakfast the next morning as the Husband and the Aussie had been out, researching, for the evening in Against the Grain and Messers Maguire.


Tipperary Food Producers and the Twitter Panel

Two weeks ago, on 10 November, the Tipperary Food Producers put together a spectacular Cookery Extravaganza in Clonmel. I was there as a member of a Twitter Panel who, as well as Tweeting and recording – both audio and video – on the night, also blogged about it afterwards.My account of the night is here; continue reading below for everyone else’s take on the event, as put together by Paul O’Mahony.


IFBA Milk Market Meet

Milk Market, Limerick

When artisan preserve-maker Theresa Storey of The Green Apron first set up stall at the Limerick Milk Market, geese were still being killed and plucked to order and there were always piles of feathers in the corners. This was in 1977 and she was there helping her mother, the family’s first “jam lady”, on her stall. Now, more than thirty years later, Theresa’s children regularly work on her own stall and the market itself has been transformed with the recent unveiling of a giant canopy that covers the traders. As someone who regularly gets lost in the surrounding maze of streets, I realised on Saturday that it makes the market much easier to find: as you approach, the canopy – looking for all the world like a circus tent – pokes out over the surrounding buildings and gives you something to aim for.