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Food Bloggers Country Outing: Old Farm Heritage Pork

Old Farm piglet

First Margaret and Alfie decided to get two pigs – one for themselves, one for a brother – and Alfie came home with three. Then a few sows arrived and before long there were 48 little piglets squealing, tumbling and racing around their farm at Lorrha in North Tipperary. Now they sell their free-range, antibiotic-, GM- and hormone-free Old Farm Heritage Pork through a box scheme at €10 per kilo for mixed boxes of 5, 10 or 15 kilos. These pigs are fed on barley and vegetables sourced locally, together with whey – the leftovers from making Mossfield organic cheese – from their neighbour, Ralph Haslam.


Off to the country: Food Bloggers Outing

A Year in Redwood

Inspired by last month’s very successful Irish Food Blogger Event, put together by Bord Bia and Donal Skehan, Theresa Storey from The Green Apron (watch out for her artisan preserve stall at Limerick’s Milk Market on Saturdays) and I got together for a chat. A couple of hours later, fired up by a brace of strong espressos, we decided to organise a similar get together in this area of the country.


Taste of Dublin 2010

Taste of Dublin 2010

After the excitment of Bloom last weekend, don’t forget that the fifth Taste of Dublin event will be taking place from this Thursday, 10 June, to Sunday 13 June. It’s again located in my favourite Dublin park, the fabulous Iveagh Gardens, just off Harcourt Street – just a stroll (or stumble!) from Stephen’s Green


Meat matters: Slow Food in Lismore

Slow Food, Lismore - Butcher Michael McGrath with a few heads

As a child, I was fascinated with our local butcher’s shop. Every time I was sent in there, I’d have my fingers crossed that there would be a big crowd ahead so that I’d have more time to watch, enthralled, as the big men behind the wooden butchers’ blocks speedily and expertly dissected carcasses of meat, saws and knives flashing, all the time keeping up their end of the conversation with their customers. The sawdust on the floor, the posters of cuts of meat on the wall, the chunks of lamb or beef hanging from hooks behind the counter – it all held me so spellbound that I would often forget what I was supposed to be buying for dinner.


Pork and bloggers *

Maire Dufficy, Board Bia

It was (almost) pig all the way at Bord Bia‘s Irish Food Bloggers Event yesterday as 30 people – some strangers in the flesh, yet already intimates online – gathered together for a day of demonstrations, discussions, and attempts at matching faces to personalities. As the ripples from 2008’s dioxin scare are still being felt throughout the industry – only today has the Chinese market reopened to Irish pork – the focus was on the pig, specifically Bord Bia Quality Assured Irish Pork.


Bloom 2010


If you’re interested in gardening or food – or both! – make tracks to Bord Bia‘s Bloom 2010 festival, which is taking place in Dublin’s Phoenix Park over the June Bank Holiday weekend, from 2 to 7 June. Alongside the show gardens and an expanded artisan farmers’ market, Bord Bia’s Best In Season will be displaying a marquee-ful of fresh produce to highlight the fruit and vegetables in season in Ireland (check out the Best In Season website for some printable calendars to stick up on your fridge), the members of GIY Ireland are growing vegetables for an Edible Garden, and Bloom meets SeptemberFest with a Craft Beer Garden for the ever-growing number of fine beer aficionados.