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Double Chocolate Cider Brownies

When times are strange, we all need brownies. My double chocolate porter brownies date back to the earliest days of Eight Degrees in 2011. It was a well road tested recipe – I still... - The Old Church, Kilfinane for Hearsay 2015 0

Hearsay 2017. An Audible Tasting.

Staker, Staker, you can’t catch me, Staker, Staker, you can’t catch me, Staker, Staker, you can’t catch me… Staker Wallace was the bogeyman of Kilfinane. Hanged, drawn and quartered in the revolutionary year of...

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Damson, Stout and Vanilla Jam

I’m keeping an eagle eye on some trees at the moment. Hidden in the hedgerows of the fields that surround the cottage, there is a store of purplish-black gold for those who know where... - Root & Branch Coffee Roasters, Belfast 0

How to spend 24 hours in Belfast

Beer, cheese, sherry, chocolate, coffee: for the last three years I’ve taken the ABV Fest (and every other opportunity!) as a chance to immerse myself in the food side of Belfast. I love the...