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Reviews and news of cookbooks and food-related books.


Butter Boy by Paul Flynn

Butter Boy is a most excellent name for a cookbook, and the contents more than live up to the billing. Paul Flynn’s fifth book, a collection of three years of his Irish Times columns,... - Tacos by Lily Ramirez Foram 0

Blasta Books #1: Tacos by Lily Ramirez-Foran

Lily’s debut cookbook, Tacos, is the first of Kristin’s Blasta Books to be published, a brightly coloured, beautifully illustrated cookbook that’s small in size only – it comes with high ambitions for both author and publisher. - Christmas 2017 0

Cookbooks for Christmas 2017

I never can resist a new cookbook. I love the thrill of cracking the spine so that I can lay it out on the table to read over breakfast. I can let the morning...